Meet the FMB Wellbeing Team


As highly regarded practitioners, first and foremost we are passionate and experienced, giving you industry leading help and guidance in your journey.

We bring a collaborative approach, ensuring the depth of experience within our team is brought to every patient. We encourage an inclusive approach, working alongside medical practitioners you might already be consulting with, or seeking additional supports when we feel it will add value to your treatment.



Shane Jeffrey

Managing Director & Accredited Practicing Dietitian

Shane has worked almost exclusively in the fields of eating disorders and weight concerns since graduating in 1993, with experience across the private and public sectors in both Australia and the UK. An active researcher in both fields, he also presents lectures on weight management and eating disorders across Queensland, and has stood on various national and international eating disorder committees. Shane is an avid sportsman outside of work, and regularly takes part in middle‐ to long‐distance running events, and participates in triathlons. You can also find him hiking and camping in the great outdoors. This interest in sport has led to certification as a Level 1 Strength and Conditioning Coach, accreditation as a Sports Dietitian.


 Shane Jeffrey: Accredited Practicing Dietitian
 Shane Jeffrey: Accredited Practicing Dietitian

Megan Bray

Accredited Practicing Dietitian

Megan is a graduate of the University of Queensland; she holds a Bachelor of Exercise and Nutrition Sciences and a Master of Dietetic Studies. Megan is passionate about supporting individuals pursuing recovery from an eating disorder, and health without dieting. Through her own life experiences Megan brings empathy to her role, offering understanding and support throughout the patient’s journey. Her treatment draws upon additional studies in Acceptance and Commitment Therapy and Family Based Treatment, as well as the Non‐Diet Approach and Motivational Interviewing.


Tanya Kretschmann

Consumer Consultant

“It is an immense privilege to walk alongside individuals, and their loved ones, as they discover a sense of self and life beyond an eating issue”. Tanya brings a wealth of knowledge from the lived experience perspective. Having struggled with and overcome her own battle with an eating disorder, Tanya is passionate about supporting others to find health, wellness and freedom from the burden of eating and weight concerns. “Recovery IS possible. Discovering a healthy relationship with food, our mind and our body is one of the greatest investments we can make for ourselves and our future. Our journey for greater mental, emotional and physical wellness is worth it…we are worth it”. Working as a mentor, recovery group facilitator and consumer advocate within the field of eating disorders, Tanya is committed to empowering individuals and their loved ones in the treatment and recovery journey. Tanya offers a safe, non-judgemental, compassionate and empathetic space to explore concerns, understanding and skills. Such services do not serve to replace therapeutic support, but offers genuine connection, hope, and additional support to individuals and families. “One of the greatest gifts that we can offer another is genuine connection – the knowledge and sense that we are not alone. Together, by being vulnerable, we reduce feelings of shame and isolation, and thus increase our collective and individual capacity to overcome eating issues and other challenges”. Beyond her work in the eating disorder field, Tanya is also a performing artist, is engaged in various dance for health and wellbeing contexts, enjoys learning sign language, and volunteers within the community.

 Shane Jeffrey: Accredited Practicing Dietitian